Four Ways To Have More Faith

The Bible says “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”  So one way to have more faith is to read God’s Word, the Bible.  You can ask God to speak to your heart through His Word.  When you read God’s Word, choose to believe it and ask for God’s help in building your faith.  When you read the history of how God has moved in people’s lives, you will be inspired.

A second way to grow your faith is to exercise it.  Just as with your earthly body, if you want to get stronger you must exercise.  With faith, choose to believe God and walk in faith.  King David had faith to fight Goliath, probably in part because God had helped him fight the lion and the bear.  Ask God to show you His plans for your life and then believe God that He will accomplish them. 

You can also increase your faith by spending time with people who are strong Christians.  You can be inspired by their lives and learn from them.

And you can pray!  Ask God to help you and to inspire you.  We cannot even have faith apart from God’s working in our lives, because the Bible says “in our flesh dwells no good thing.”  So ask God to help you and to build your faith so that you will become a stronger and stronger Christian!