Give Thanks to the Lord!

Here are 10 things you can thank God for – and there are many more!

The Bible encourages us to give thanks to the Lord. Every good and perfect gift comes down from above, from the Lord. Our human tendency is to focus on the things we don’t have and that are going wrong.

While we certainly need to pray about our problems, and ask God what we should do, it is also very important to thank God for His many blessings!

So here are just a few things we can thank God for.

  • Thank You God that You are so good!
  • Thank You God for your salvation!
  • Thank You God for the gift of Your Son Jesus Christ!
  • Thank You God for the gift of the Holy Spirit!
  • Thank You God for good health!
  • Thank You God for family who love us!
  • Thank You God for the free gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ!
  • Thank You God for financial provision!
  • Thank You God for food and clothing and shelter!
  • Thank You God for Your mercy and forgiveness!

These are just 10 to help us get started. Let’s praise and thank and worship God every day!