How Often Should I Pray?

The Bible does not tell us a specific number of times to pray each day, but God does give us some guidelines.

Prayer is just talking with God.  When you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, God comes to live inside your life.  God loves you and He is your heavenly Father.  He loves to spend time with you.

The Bible encourages us to “pray without ceasing.”  That doesn’t mean you always all day long are saying your prayers.  It does mean to live in an attitude of continual communion with God where you can talk with Him and He can talk with you. 

When Jesus was here on earth, He would get up early in the morning to pray to God.  While this is not a rule, it is an excellent guideline for our lives.  Often when we go throughout our days, if we do not watch out we can become “too busy to pray.”  You can fight against this by starting each day with a time devoted to talking with God, and you can make it a practice to talk with God throughout your busy days as well.

We are also encouraged to give thanks.  It is a real temptation to just talk to God when you need something, but that is not right.  Take time during your days, and perhaps when you end your day at night, and tell God “thank You” for all He has done in your life and in your day.