How Often Should We Read God's Word?

A question many of us as Christians may ask is, “How often should we read the Bible which is God’s Word?” 

The Bible does not give us specific instructions on this.  The Bible is God’s Word to us and is extremely important to help us grow spiritually.  The Bible gives us instructions on how to live a Christian life; it tells us about Jesus; it tells us about God and His character. 

So a good guideline would be it is a great idea to read the Bible every day.  Think of the Bible as your spiritual food.  If you go days without physical food, you risk starving yourself.  Why go days without spiritual food?

When you read the Bible, there is the New Testament which tells about Jesus and the early church.  There is the Old Testament, which talks about God’s interactions with Israel.  And within the Old Testament are Psalms, which talk about our relationship with God, and Proverbs, which talk about how we can live our lives in a godly way.

One suggestion might be to read 3 chapters a day from the Bible.  You could read one from the New Testament; one from the Old Testament; and one from either Psalms or Proverbs.  There are also many excellent Bible reading plans that can help give you suggestions on ways to read the Bible; you can find some at

However you read the Bible, you can ask God to give you wisdom as you read, and to open the spiritual eyes of your understanding so you can hear what God is saying to you today.  It is important to read and to obey.