How to Read the Bible

The Bible is God's inspired Word to you and to me — and to the whole world!

You can read the Bible for inspiration and to find out what God is saying to you today.  You see, the Bible is not just history and it is not just telling about the past.  It talks about God and about you and me and Jesus.


Here are 3 helpful things to think about as you read the Bible.

1)  The Bible is God's Word.  It is not just any book  it is inspired by God.  So you can look for God's inspiration any place you read in the Bible.

2)  Try to read regularly.  Ask God to lead you to a good time to read.  There are many good reading plans, or you can ask God to lead you.  You can start in the New Testament reading about Jesus.

3)  When you read, ask God to lead you and inspire you and speak to you.  As you read more, you will learn more about God — and how to live your daily life as a Christian.