Reshaping Your Identity in God

Three things to help you be the person God made you to be.

This is a follow-up article to Giving God's Gifts Freely. We learned that in Jesus Christ, we are beloved, we are trusted, and we are rulers. There are many other verses that speak to our identities as followers of Jesus that we'll study in the coming months. These three steps can help us take that knowledge and apply it in our hearts and minds.

Step 1: Know the Truth

We need to know what God's Word says about us. Keep a list of the terms you can apply to yourself and the verses they come from. Come back to this list over and over as a reminder of who you are becoming. This is important because we've been told lies about ourselves since childhood, and we tend to reinforce those things because they are familiar. We live in a broken world and there's an enemy of our souls who wants to keep us from the good things God has for us. Thoughts about being unlovable or worthless, not being understood, or not having anything good to give no longer have to drive your actions or define your life. You are a beloved, trusted ruler in Christ. And you are more. So stay in God's Word and keep that list growing! 

Step 2: Know your Hunger

I encourage you to try to take one day a week or month to fast or practice solitude. Nothing shows us what we are spiritually and emotionally hungry for like skipping a few meals. You become aware of what your body feels it needs. And in solitude, there are no screens or noises to drown out my thoughts. Am I hungry for approval? Be reminded, Soul, that in Jesus, I am well pleasing to God. Am I lonely? Am I afraid of the future? Am I lacking joy and satisfaction? See how God meets you after you're able to find and ask those questions.

Step 3: Know your Destiny

Try the simple prayer: "God, what am I running from?" Are you fighting becoming the person of spiritual authority you just learned we're called to be? Have you been declining God's comfort by looking for it in other places? Spend some time praying the question and see what the Holy Spirit brings to mind.

Changing your identity is hard. It's been hardwired into your brain for your entire life. But we are new creations in Christ. And we have not yet arrived. We'd love to hear your comments on Facebook about how this process has worked for you and hear how we can help.

Grace and peace to you in Jesus.