3 Ways To Trust God For Your Finances

We all can tend to worry about money.  Here are 3 ways to trust God for your finances.

We all need money. We need money to eat, and live, and provide for our families; we also want money to do fun things, and to give to others.

God knows what we need. When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He included in His prayer "Give us this day our daily bread" which is a specific prayer to God for His daily provision.

Here are 3 ways we can each trust God for our finances.

  1. Remember -- God owns it all! When we get worried, or fretful, we can sometimes tend to think that it is our responsibility to make money and provide for our families and we have to create the money. It is true we need to work and be responsible; but God owns the cattle on a thousand hills! He provides for the lilies of the field and the sparrows; how much more will He provide for us! So let's ask God in total trust that He loves us and He will provide for us. God is our source!

  2. Depend totally on God. Often we try to depend on our wisdom, or skills, or ability. While God can use all of these, He wants us to depend totally on Him. When we trust in ourselves, we put ourselves in God's place. Now God does want to have us work diligently, but we are working for Him and trusting in Him to provide. So depend totally on God!

  3. Praise and worship God! We want to worry and doubt and get all stressed about money; but God our heavenly Father loves us and wants to provide for us. When we praise and worship God, we are telling God we love Him and we are expressing our trust in Him.  He loves us, and He will care for us. What if as parents we were providing a dinner for our children, and they kept worrying about whether they would get any food. Let us be God's children who love Him and praise and worship and trust Him, and He will provide for us.