What One Command Did Jesus Give More Than Any Other?

Jesus taught us many things. What one command did He give more than any other command? You'll be surprised!

Jesus taught for over 3 years when He was on earth. He taught about God and the Kingdom of God and how we should live, and He taught many concepts in many ways.

Sometimes He gave commands: Love your enemy, for example, is a command. One person counted and found 125 times that Jesus gave an actual command for us to follow.

Do you know what is the most frequent command Jesus gave as recorded in the Bible? You would think it would be about love since love is the greatest commandment.  

But the command that Jesus gave more than any other is "Fear not" or different ways of saying to His followers not to be afraid! Jesus knows that fear is a great foe of ours, and His command -- and encouragement -- to us is "Be not afraid." And one thing we know is, if God commands something, we can ask Him for the power of the Holy Spirit to carry out His command!